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Unlocking Data’s Potential

Without compromising safety, security or compliance.

Transforming Your Payments Data From a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Join us and discover key takeaways about how your company can embrace compliance, refine your data, utilize multiple data types and understand the different options in front of you to safely transform your data from a cost center to a profit center.

ARM Insight Named a Top 10 Alternative Data Solution Provider

Capital Markets CIO Outlook magazine’s editorial board conducted a comprehensive study to find the most promising alternative data vendors who have carved a niche for themselves by delivering unique solutions, bringing much needed information into sharp focus for traders and investors.

Unlock Your
Data’s Potential

Every financial services company should be using their data as a strategic asset – it is one of the largest opportunities for today’s modern business. ARM Insight’s patent-pending process of cleaning and transforming data allows organizations to turn their data into revenue—without compromising safety, security, or compliance. Using synthetic data, organizations can safely and securely find insights for product development, improved customer experiences, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, and other data monetization initiatives.

Gain Insight from Exclusive Transaction Data

Not all data insights are created equal. To develop actionable business intelligence, you need insight from actual consumer or business transactions. ARM Insight’s data sets are the resource of choice for organizations looking for trends in major retailer transaction histories, to inform investment decisions or to diversify with confidence. ARM Mimic Data Suite and ARM Direct Data Suite contain transaction data that has been gathered from over 1,000 financial institutions, giving you access to the “truth” of actual transaction data, not just general trends.


Extrapolate Real Value from Synthetic Data

What if you could gain real insights from transaction data without worrying about privacy, regulatory, or security issues?

Monetize Data Without Fear

How can you unlock the power and value of financial data to safely and securely drive business value from this strategic asset?

Remove Limits to Innovation

What could you do if you had access to more comprehensive data to develop AI/ML applications, enhance your payments fraud detection, or the build the next big thing?

Securely Enable Data Science in the Cloud

What if you could safely and securely migrate data to the cloud with complete confidence in maintaining data integrity?

Develop Exclusive Insight from Enriched Data

What if you could develop a unique understanding of transaction trends based on access to more granular detail than what’s available in any other data set?

Why Partner with ARM Insight?

We have been providing business intelligence, analytics and data monetization solutions to financial institutions since 2010. Based on careful analysis of tens of billions of actual credit and debit card transactions, we continue to develop industry-leading data solutions for more than 4,000 clients. Our patent-pending Synthetic Data algorithms create a perfect synthetic (or “artificial”) copy of client data, which protects privacy while retaining the data’s valuable statistical attributes.



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