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Turn your data exhaust into revenue—without compromising safety, security, or compliance.

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Extrapolate Real Value from “Synthetic” Data

What if you could monetize your data without ever worrying about privacy, regulatory, or security issues?

Clean Up Your Data Assets for Machine Learning

What if all of your data was clean, centralized, organized, and easy to search and use?

Accelerate Cardholder Behavior Through Loyalty

What if you could configure your rewards programs to encourage the exact behavior you desire?

Simplify Data Search, Access, BI & Action

What if your financial institution could have robust, flexible, and visual access to all of your clean, organized data?

Why Partner with ARM?

We have been providing big data, loyalty rewards, and analytics solutions to financial institutions since 2010. Based on careful analysis of tens of billions of actual credit and debit card transactions, we continue to develop industry-leading data monetization solutions for more than 4,000 clients. Our unprecedented Synthetic Data algorithms create a perfect synthetic (or “artificial”) copy of client data while retaining its valuable statistical attributes.

Security Assurance

We adhere to high security standards, maintaining industry best practices when transmitting, tracking, and storing data. With six consecutive years of PCI Level 1 Compliance under our belts, all ARM Insight platforms are also GDPR, GLBA, and CCPA compliant.




Privacy Protection

Strict data privacy practices and protocols ensure that client data—and their customers—are always completely safe. We add privacy protection layers on top of the cryptography and differential privacy methodologies being used by the National Security Agency (NSA), Chase, Apple, Microsoft, Uber, and Google. 

Data Monetization

By adding valuable enhancements, we transform client data into a monetized, actionable product for the data consumer market






We use the latest cloud, cryptography, machine learning, and applied mathematic technologies to improve our data products and stay ahead of the curve in our data security and privacy procedures.



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