ARM Refinery™

If “data is the new oil,” then raw or “crude” data must be refined to give it value and make it consumable. ARM Insight’s refinery engine refines raw client data so that it’s valuable, actionable, and cloud-ready for machine learning.

How Does Refinery Work?

Refinery uses ARM Insight’s proprietary ETL process, which specializes in transforming raw transaction data into new, modern big data architecture. After client data is staged in an analytics data warehouse of your choice (e.g., AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, etc.) Refinery begins to standardize, normalize, clean, and prep the data.

Refinery data output is ready for:


Infinite scalability


Advanced analytics


Machine learning


Automated reporting


Deep learning


Visualization integration with business intelligence solutions such as Tableau, Chartio, Looker, and Domo

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