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Unlocking the Power of Payments Data

ARM leverages the power of payments data to provide meaningful insights for retailers, consumer product companies, investors, lenders and risk mitigation companies.

Here is an example of how a fictitious retail company, Acme, utilized ARM’s data solutions.

This is Acme.

Acme is a big-box store who wants to know more about consumer behavior. With ARM’s consolidated data from debit, credit, and prepaid cards, we are able to help Acme create a better picture of their customers.

Pin Point Accuracy

Acme wanted to know where consumers went before and after their store. As you can see, 32% of consumers went to the Peet’s coffee across the street before going to Acme, and 7% went to FedEx directly after leaving the store.

Competitive Wallet
Share Analysis

Acme wanted to know how well they are doing against their competitors for Millennial spending. They worked with ARM to define a specific group of these consumers they wanted to track on a monthly basis.


% Millennial Shoppers

Drilled Down Statistics

Like many companies, Acme wanted to better understand their Millennial shoppers. They worked with ARM to gather specific attributes about this segment of their customers.


Average Salary


Pay using their phone


Best Grocery Day


Preferred Coffee Vendor


Best Shopping Day


Worst Shopping Day

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