Insights on Changing Consumer Behavior (FIRST)

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Prepare Data for Monetization, Cloud Migration & Innovation



ARM Mimic™

ARM Mimic synthetic data engine enables financial services companies to safely synthesize data assets—protecting consumer privacy information from being exposed while maintaining the statistical relevancy of the data. The synthetic data output is safe to use for both internal and external data monetization initiatives.


ARM Refinery

ARM Refinery data engine helps financial institutions ingest data from any input and aggregate, clean, and transform it into data that can be used for actionable insights. This data output is ported to any database or cloud platform.



Extrapolate Real Value from Synthetic Data

What if you could monetize your data without ever worrying about privacy, regulatory, or security issues?

Monetize Data Without Fear

How can you unlock the power and value of financial data while ensuring privacy is protected?

Remove Limits to Innovation

What if you had more comprehensive data in an R & D incubator to develop AI/ML applications such as chat bots, enhanced payments fraud detection, and the next big thing?

Transform Data for
Cloud Migration

What if you could migrate data to the cloud with complete confidence in maintaining data integrity?


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