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Nearly 70% of banks believe their operations hold trapped value (data and/or capabilities) not currently being accessed. Before data can be monetized or migrated to the cloud…before it can be used as a platform for machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI)…before it can inform product development or customer analytics…data must be transformed from its raw state using the ARM Refinery data refinement engine

How Does ARM Refinery Work?

If data is the new oil, then raw or “crude” data must be refined to give it value and make it consumable. Refinery uses ARM Insight’s proprietary configurable ETL process, designed to transform raw transaction data into new, modern big data architecture. Your data is staged in an analytics data warehouse (e.g., AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, etc.), then Refinery begins to standardize, normalize, clean, and prepare it.

How Do Financial Services Organizations Benefit from ARM Refinery?

Organizations rely on ARM Refinery data engine to help them ingest data from any input and aggregate, clean, and transform it into data that can be used for actionable insights. This data output is ported to any database or cloud platform. From there, FIs have the flexibility to transform data into a type that they can use while adhering to their compliance and risk profiles.


  • Cleaned-Raw—Personally identifiable information (PII) fields remain tagged to data.

  • Anonymous—PII is removed but transaction data is unchanged.

  • Synthetic—Statistically relevant “fake” data based on authentic data that cannot be reverse-engineered back to consumer or financial institution.

Transform raw data—with output determined by risk profile—into cleaned-raw, anonymous data, or synthetic data.


Aggregate raw data files from various siloed environments to be used as part of your data monetization strategy.


Clean data to allow for deeper analysis, while ensuring the integrity of the data remains intact.


Structure output for any PCI-compliant cloud or front-end tool.


Enhance refined data by tagging merchants, tokenizing customers, hashing specific fields, and more.

After using Refinery, your data is ready to be harvested for organizational value from:


Infinite big data scalability


Machine learning


Deep Learning


Advanced analytics


Automated reporting


Visualization integration with business intelligence solutions such as Tableau, Chartio, Looker, and Domo

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