Divvy Product Suite

Give more members the chance to redeem loyalty and rewards points.

Generate More Revenue from Your Loyalty Program

About 70% of loyalty and rewards program members fail to earn the minimum points necessary to redeem rewards, on average. All of those unredeemed points add up to lost revenue for you, unhappy program members and, eventually, a loss of interest in your program. The Divvy Product Suite wipes unused points off of your balance sheet with these modules:

  • Daily Wins – Turn your members into winners by allowing them to redeem points for a chance to win meaningful rewards in a sweepstakes-style engagement.
  • Charity – Give members the opportunity to convert their points into a donation and vote for which organization benefits. They can vote as many times as they like!
  • Games – Offer members the chance to compete for their prizes by redeeming points to enter a game tournament. The top three scores win a prize!

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Everybody Wins

Plug-and-play Divvy modules take the headache out of coding and designing a sophisticated rewards accounting system. From signup to delivery, ARM Insight takes care of everything, including:

  • Seamlessly integrating into your current loyalty or rewards program
  • Incorporating your brand into your selected modules to enhance member user experience
  • Syncing with your member data to provide real-time points updates

Maximize engagement and remove the redemption hurdles that have been forcing you to leave loyalty and rewards money on the table.

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