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Synthetic Data



ARM Insight’s patent-pending synthetic data solution, Mimic™, creates an “artificial” copy of client data for secure, anonymized, statistically relevant data monetization products. Mimic’s synthetic data output removes all privacy sensitive data and cannot be reverse engineered back to the source data set…not even by us!

Why is Synthetic Data Safer?

Because Synthetic Data is an “artificial” copy of the source data there is no personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive characteristics remaining in the data set, so it’s safe to share. Synthetic Data retains the statistical attributes of the source data, which makes it so valuable for monetization.


As data privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and GLBA crowd the industry landscape, ARM Insight’s Synthetic Data methodology helps keep client data safe and compliant


No Personal INformation


Statistically relevant to original transaction


Easy path to monetization


Compliant with data privacy regulations

How Can Synthetic Data Help Financial Services Organizations?

Data is the fuel behind the latest innovations in product development, machine learning and AI, customer experiences, and fraud prevention. With synthetic data, organizations can be confident in using their data to drive business value without compromising the personal information of their customers. Every organization should already be using synthetic data. It is the future of data and the fastest and safest path to monetization.


Financial Services Organizations can can use synthetic data for:

Data Monetization 

AI/Machine Learning Innovation

Product Development


Why Are Synthetic Data-Based Data Products So Valuable?

Transaction truth and unprecedented granularity. Even though synthetic data has been transformed to protect consumer privacy and adhere to regulations, it still contains the “truth” of actual transaction data history, location, type and volume—not just trends. ARM Mimic™ Data Suite products include synthetic data encompassing billions of transactions that are statistically significant and safe to work with.

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